2013 Mud Run Race Calendar

The Mud Run Race Calendar for 2013 is ready!  I have just finished creating the 2013 Mud Run calendar with what I think contains every mud run that has been announced in the US to date. Though there are few stragglers like the Thunder Challenge or the Terrain Mud Run that haven’t yet announced their races at the time of this post, I will of course update the calendar as races are announced. Please let me know if you spot omissions, as it is my hope that Mud Running HQ is as useful as possible to my readers.

So far every state in the US has at least one mud run scheduled for 2013, with the exception of Alaska, Wyoming and Delaware (though each one hosted at least one mud run in 2012, so races in these states will likely be announced soon).  Adding up totals from every state, gives a whopping 339 mud runs already!

So wherever you live, you will most certainly have the building blocks for a most excellent mud racing season.The international mud run calendar is next on my list, so check back soon.  In the mean time,happy browsing, and please share state pages with your friends who might be interested in getting their feet wet (and muddy)!

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