Coming in 2017: Daily Mud Run Workouts

Daily Mud Run Workouts

Beginning January 1, Mud Running HQ will be posting daily workouts that will get you ready to rock a mud run. These workouts will be different every day (so your body doesn’t get used to the same old thing) and they will focus on functional movements you will see during a mud run. Check out Mud Running HQ’s Facebook page for the workout of the day.


You can start the program any day you want; just do the workout and post your results in the comments section for some extra motivation and accountability. All you need for the workouts is a place to run, a pair of dumbbells, and a pull-up bar (or you can use the lat pulldown machine at a gym). If you don’t already have dumbells around, beginning female athletes should start with 15-Pound Dumbbells and beginning male athletes should start with 25-pound dumbells. If you are a more experienced athlete you can go 10-20 pounds heavier.

Anyone can do these workouts regardless of their current fitness level because for every movement there will be a way to scale the movement to your ability level. For example, if the workout calls for push-ups and you can’t do them yet, then you could do them from your knees or against a wall.


We all know a person who goes to the gym pretty much every day (or at least every day for a few months and then stops) and spends 30 minutes on the treadmill and then maybe does a few sit-ups and bicep curls for good measure. Is that person in amazing shape? Probably not. Why? Because our bodies adapt to the same old thing after a while. And even worse, those 30 minutes of straight cardio mean that the person isn’t getting much intensity in the workout (because it’s impossible to be at real intensity for 30 minutes at a time). No matter what results you are looking for (losing weight, building muscle, winning a mud run), intensity during your workout is the key component to getting you there. So our daily workouts will use a lot of interval-based training to help you reach the intensity that will drive results.

Even though every day will be a different workout, we will repeat workouts periodically so you can measure your progress. It has been proven time and time again that being able to see your progress is incredibly important in keeping people on track. When you see that in February you can do more push-ups than you could in January, it just gets you that much more fired up to get even more in March. That’s part of the problem with that person who does the same gym routine every day. They don’t record their workouts or even have a goal in mind for how many miles they’d like to be able to do in their 30 minutes on the treadmill. They don’t get to see progress, so they never become as good as they could be or they get bored and quit. So write down the results of all your workouts (or just make sure to add your results as a comment on Mud Running HQ’s Facebook page).


We’ll post workouts the night before, but one workout that we’ll repeat on the first of every month is a 5k run because developing this aerobic capacity is so central to doing well with a mud run. You can run the exact same course every month to see how you progress, or you can have fun with it: invite some friends to do it with you, travel somewhere new to do it, or sign up for a local race.

It’s important to take 1-2 rest days every week. Our rest days are scheduled for Saturday, but if you want to take a rest day on a different day of the week, just do whatever workout you missed on Saturday.

Extra Credit

Each workout will have an extra credit component for those of you who might be getting ready for a longer race or who really want to be competitive in a race. You can do the extra credit in the same session that you do the workout in or later in the day. Just remember the goal is intensity, so if taking on the extra credit means that you’re not hitting the workouts with as much intensity as you could, then lighten up. Also only do the extra credit if you’re already a high-level athlete or after you’ve been doing the workouts for at least a month.

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