Win A Free Gladiator Rock ‘N Run Entry

 Win A Free Gladiator Rock ‘N Run Entry

Gladiator Rock'N Run

Gladiator Rock ‘N Run is an action-packed Mud Run with 17 obstacles over a 3-mile course.  The name of the race isn’t just for fun; Dan Clark from American Gladiators actually created the race.  The Gladiator webpage reports: “He offers no apologies for the pain you will experience, but takes all the credit for how frick’n good you’ll feel when you charge through the finish line arms thrust in the air in victory.”  After you make it through the polar bear plunge, the Gladiator BBQ-Fire, the Trenches of Torment, and many more obstacles, there will be a truly rockin’ after party with three bands and plenty of beer to go around.

The Gladiator Rock ‘n Run will be in 14 different locations starting in Dallas on May 11.  The free race entry will be good for any of the 2013 locations.  The giveaway begins at 12:00 AM March 2nd and ends at 12 AM March 4th.

There are three easy ways to enter the giveaway. Each one will one will earn you three entries into the giveaway.  (Make sure to do these things from the Rafflecopter entry form  below so your entries will be counted):

1) Like Mud Running HQ’s Facebook Page

2) Follow Mud Running HQ on Twitter

3) Retweet the giveaway announcement (You can do this once once per day for 3 entries each time)

PS: This is the first of 15 Mud Run Entries that Mud Running HQ will be giving away in March.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to Mud Running HQ to receive the latest updates.  (Heads Up: there will be at least one giveaway that will only be announced to subscribers).

Win a Free Mud Run

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