Mud Run Training Journal


Why is a Mud Run Training Journal Important?

As you train for a mud run or any other goal, keeping a record of your workouts is essential.  If you don’t know exactly what you can do right now, then it’s difficult to plan a workout that will push you just a little bit further so that you continually improve. And if you don’t push yourself a little bit harder than the day before, you will stay at your current fitness level forever.  So it is critical to record your progress, so that you can look back at old workouts and get some extra motivation to push out one more repetition or run a little faster just so you can beat your record from the day before.

Each plan is eight pages long and follows the training plans that I outlined in Obstacle Course Racing: How to Rock to Rock the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder or Spartan. In the top section you will record your endurance workouts so that you can track your progress towards running faster and running longer. In the bottom section, you will record your strength-building workouts so you can track your progress towards lifting more weight and doing more repetitions.

Beginner Training Plan PDF
Beginner Training Plan word doc

Intermediate Training Plan PDF
Intermediate Training Plan word doc

Advanced Training Plan PDF
Advanced Training Plan word doc


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