Mud Run Clothes

Mud Run Clothes

If you’ve been to a mud run, you know that people wear everything from military fatigues to tutus, so really anything goes.  But if you’ve got a long race ahead of you or you are aiming for a personal record, you need to put a little bit of thought into what you wear.

Compression Clothing

Skins Compression

More and more competitive obstacle course racers and other athletes are turning to Skins Compression Clothing, because they put targeted compression on your muscles in a way that optimizes blood flow. The increased blood flow improves performance and helps your body remove lactic acid more efficiently.  Skins also do a great job keeping moisture away from your skin so that you stay dry despite the mud and sweat.  Whether you’ll be racing in hot or cold weather, Skins has an option to keep you comfortable during your run.



Moisture Wicking Clothes


Everyone has plenty of old cotton t-shirts they wouldn’t mind getting muddy.  Don’t wear them to a Mud Run!  Cotton t-shirts hold water just like towels hold water.  They will weigh you down, make you cold and can be really abrasive as the wet fabric continues to rub your skin during the race.

Instead, choose quick-drying synthetic fabrics that will keep the moisture away from your skin and not weigh you down so much. Champion Double Dry Shirts are an affordable and smart choice for keeping you comfortable during a mud run.





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