Nutrition For Mud Runs

Best Energy Gel For Mud Runs

hammer_gel_packs_t670Our bodies rely on both carbohydrate (glycogen) stores and fat stores to power aerobic activities. Exercise scientists say that 90-150 minutes of continuous exercise will fully deplete carbohydrate stores, which causes what athletes often refer to as “bonking” or “hitting the wall.” Symptoms of this are sudden fatigue, decreased performance, dizziness, and a decline in your mood. It can take several hours to completely recover from an energy deficit, so if your race or training session will last more than 90 minutes make sure to refuel.

Most 5k races won’t take you longer than 90 minutes, but if you are planning for a Spartan, Tough Mudder or other longer race, you need to plan ahead to make sure you can finish your race. Hammer energy gels are specifically designed to help endurance athletes replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes. They also tend to be way more appealing than solid food if you are in the midst of strenuous exercise, especially on hot days. It is easy to digest and easy to eat without slowing down too much.  For an extra energy boost, choose one of the caffeinated flavors, such as expresso.

Protein Powders

whey-gold-standardProtein is not an efficient source of energy during a workout or race, but our muscles very much need protein afterwards.  Intense exercise breaks down muscle fibers and afterwards your body is ready to get to work rebuilding to make you stronger, which it can’t do unless it has protein.  To get the maximum benefit from your hard work, make sure to consume 20-30 grams of protein after a race.  Protein shakes are the ideal source because they don’t have a bunch of excess calories and fat like other protein sources do and they are easily absorbable which lets your body get to work right away.  One of the leading protein powders on the market is Gold Standard Whey Protein for its quality and value.  Choose from many different flavors and start building powerful lean muscle to help you achieve your optimal performance in your next obstacle course race.

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