Why You Should Volunteer at a Mud Run

Looking for a mud run discount?  Mud race entry fees can be quite hefty and deter some people from signing up, especially if you plan to do a lot of them over the course of a season.  Volunteering at a mud run can be a great way to get a free entry, offset some of the costs of running in a mud run and get some free mud running swag.

Even with a discount code, a 5k mud run can set you back $40 or more.  Longer races can be much more than that. And by the time you pay for parking and spectators, the final price tag can really add up. However, mud runs are often desperate for volunteers, so many of them have a nice set of incentives for volunteers who sign up for a shift.

Mud run volunteers do all sorts of things. They monitor obstacles, run the water stations, register participants, run the gear checks, and direct traffic (yuck!).  It can be a fun way to meet people, get an inside look at a mud run, and support the obstacle course racers.  And yes- get a free race entry in some cases!

The volunteer requirements vary at each event. Some only require an AM shift or a PM shift, so that you can race for free on the day that you volunteer. Others require an all day shift, and thus the free race entries have to be used in the future. Here’s a quick list of every event that I have found that offers a free race entry for volunteers: The Spartan Race, Foam Fest, LoziLu, Rugged Maniac, Toro Loco, and Kiss Me Dirty.  Tough Mudder doesn’t offer a full race entry, but they do give a significant discount for volunteers to either use that weekend or at a future race.  Most of these events have a limited number or volunteer slots available, so it is something you are interested in, have to get on it quickly.

Other popular mud races don’t currently offer free entries for volunteers, but they do generally offer a t-shirt, food, and a beer.  Plus you don’t have to pay parking fees (or spectator fees).  Other events like the Warrior Dash and the Hero Rush structure their volunteer program for fundraisers for local organizations. If an organization is able to provide a certain number of volunteers, then the race will make a donation to the charity.

Do you know about another good mud run to volunteer at?

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