Why Make a Mud Run Your Next Fitness Goal?

Signing up for a mud run can give you the extra kick you need to train when you don’t want to

It can be hard to keep putting time in at the gym or going out for a run every morning if you can’t see progress or if it doesn’t feel like there’s any bigger purpose for it than burning off the dessert you ate last night. But when you know you are preparing for a test, the sense of purpose you have can drive your training in a whole new way.

And a mud run isn’t just any old predictable test like running a 5k or doing a triathlon. You won’t always know what the obstacles are going to be and you probably won’t have the opportunity beforehand to practice on those exact obstacles. So your training has to be broader than it would if you’re just setting out to run a 5k. A mud run will test your stamina, total body strength, agility, balance, courage, and grit. The challenge and variety that comes from developing all these attributes makes a mud run a fun, sometimes addicting, goal to train for.

Mud runs have inspired many people to pursue fitness goals they may not have otherwise. I have heard from subscribers who have found inspiration from mud runs to shed over 100 pounds, recover from a serious injury, or learn how to swim (and no, most events don’t involve swimming, but some do). Others set goals like running an 8-minute mile, doing a pull-up, or just finishing an event they signed up for.

The cool thing about mud runs is that there is always something else to aspire to no matter what level you’re at. Here are some great mud run goals to aim for.

Beginner Goals

  • Complete a beginner mud run walking
  • Complete a beginner mud run running the whole way and doing all the obstacles
  • Some good races for beginners are the Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, Dirty Girl (women only)

For help training for your first mud run, check out our training journal page.

Intermediate Goals

  • Complete an intermediate¬†event like a Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, or a Tough Mudder
  • Do two or more laps of a mud run. Most races have this option.
  • Compete in the competitive heat of an event like Warrior Dash or Spartan. See how you stack up against the competition, then train your weaknesses so you can do better next time.

Advanced Goals

  • Qualify for World’s Toughest Mudder or OCR World Championships
  • Complete the Spartan Agogee
  • Podium at a Spartan
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